short essay on forests ( 250 words )

Importance of forests – forests – short essay

forest for human life | forest importance in human life | forest essay in 300 words

Mother Nature is the caretaker for all living beings and its elements keep us alive, warm and safe. One the most important aspects of human and animal survival and well being is forest.

All around the world, over 31% of land is covered with forests, the largest being the Amazon rainforest. Such forests not only provide us with enough oxygen for all the living beings to survive, they are also a home for wild animals and life forms.

Forests also help in maintaining land integrity and preventing various important layers of soil and land from washing away. Some of the forests have trees which are over a hundred years old and are still very tall and solid.

Most of the governments around the world have banned cutting down of trees from these forests to provide longevity to their life and prevent the Mother Nature from being harmed.

My school trips often take us to some small places in the outskirts which are covered with green forest patches to help us understand the beauty and importance of it.

There are local guides who take us for trips and forest officers and rangers who teach us about plants, trees and animals. Every human being should plant trees in their life and contribute to the safety of such forests and greenery to save the planet and give a beautiful life for the future generations.

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