short essay on my school

 Essay on MY SCHOOL in 250 words

my school 10 lines for class 1 -10 | short paragraph speech on my school

A home away from my real home, where I learn my lessons that shall make me someday. a person who I really what I want to be. A place where I have guardian angels looking over me and correcting every mistake of mine. a place where I meet my friends and we learn together and play all day. a place that gives me my values and teaches me to be a good human yes that place is my school.

My School is located in the heart of Mumbai, a little far from my home, where my bus picks me every day. When we reach there every morning, we are greeted by the sweet and beautiful morning prayers. My teachers are always loving, but they also scold us on our mistakes, they check my notebooks and give me stars for the homework that I duly completed.

short paragraph on my school

We read science books and also history and geography, but my favorite subject is Math and also English. We play sports and participate in assemblies and have lunch breaks. I greet every teacher when I see them as a mark of respect. We have a big library with a lot of books and I love reading the stories. we also have a beautiful theatre where the senior students teach us dance and acting.

If I miss my school someday by mistake, I work even harder the next day and make my teachers happy. When my mother comes to meet my teachers they all say I am a good student and will be very successful one day, that makes my mother smile with joy and give me my favorite treats. If I wish to God for something, I wish every child on earth to be able to go to school just like mine and make their parents happy and proud everyday.

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