Abraham Lincoln Essay for Students and Children

Abraham Lincoln Essay for Students and Children, Paragraph Essay on Abraham Lincoln 

Abraham Lincoln Essay for Students and Children, Paragraph Essay on Abraham Lincoln
Having guided the United States of America through the dire straits of civil war and recession and taken it back to its full glory, Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the U.S. to take charge of the office and one of the strongest leaders the nation ever saw. Hailing from the Republican Party, Lincoln was one of the pioneers who upheld the integrity of the constitutional and structural integrity of his country’s system in place.

Born in the year 1809 in the province of Kentucky, Lincoln was subjected to poverty and lack of resources as he belonged to a poor and underprivileged background and it was this very fact that motivated him from a very young age to dream and to finally achieve as a president, the abolishment of slavery in the United States. Lincoln was also a lawyer by profession which spanned well over a decade and a half before indulging into active politics.

His vast arguments and stands to bring about major invited as much criticism as good will but it was for his sheer will that Lincoln kept going until he had set his country on the path towards glory. It was a sad end to his wonderful and long running array of achievements when Lincoln was assassinated while he was still holding the office of the president but his values still remain fondly embedded in the very essence of the existence of United States of America.

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