Essay on My Father for Students and Children | my father essay in english

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My father is the strongest and the most confident person I have ever known of. He takes care of our family, protects us, earns bread and butter for us and also makes sure that we never get in any trouble. My Father’s name is Sudhir and he belongs to the city of Bhopal right from his childhood.

He is very tall and fit and motivates us to participate in sports and cultural activities along with our normal education and also makes sure we actively take part. He personally helps us in our studies and reviews our results whenever possible and takes regular feedback from our teachers. He is very helpful to my mother and takes care of her every day. He brings her gifts and her favorite sweets and also we celebrate all the festivals together in a fun way. He always teaches us to be smart and stops us when we get into fights.

He abides by the rule of non-violence and is very dedicated to working for his company. He sometimes has to work overtime and because of that he isn’t able to give us enough attention sometimes so he compensates by taking us to parks and playing cricket with us. He is also the best employee in his company and has received many awards and his coworkers really admire him.

He drives us to the school every morning and on his way back he brings new magazines and books for us to read and puzzles to solve. He is a very honest man and helps anyone in need which makes him very special.

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