independence day speech for students in english

Essay on independence day in english ( 200 words ) |A speech on independence day | Independence day speech for students in English | short speech on independence day | speech on 15 august for school 

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To remember the sacrifices made by the brave martyrs and soldiers and the stands taken by various leaders and the general population of the country against exploitation and dominance, every year the 15th day of August marks the very moment when India finally got its long due independence from the clutches of British and was finally declared as an independent country.

The whole journey of freedom took various sacrifices from great men like Bhagatsingh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Sarojninaidu and innumerable others. The first spark of revolution was marked by the heroic acts of Rani LaxmiBai and Mangalpandey .

Every year, the hoisting of the tricolor followed by the prime minister’s speech and the rallies mark the tear filled yet joyous remembrance of all the struggles that gives the present generation their much loved freedom. The whole of India united under the tricolor and celebrates with sweets, music, social gatherings and togetherness. Schools and colleges inculcate the true meaning of independence in the budding minds of their children while government and private organizations provide a collective effort for the employees to enjoy the day.

With every year that passes by and every step forward that our country takes to become a global superpower, the contribution of those brave men and women shall seem to be of even higher significance and shall never be forgotten.

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