mother teresa leadership | what did mother teresa do | essay on mother teresa life 300 words

Mother teresa leadership | what did mother teresa do | essay on mother teresa life 300 words | mother teresa leadership | what did mother teresa do

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Hailing vividly from a Roman origin with a catholic belief system, Mother Teresa was a nun who devoted her life to social causes such as helping the poor, empowerment of women, selfless care of underprivileged and differently abled children and safeguard of human rights. Her work around the globe,especially in India gathered her a lot of praises and rightful prestigious honors including the Nobel Prize for peace and the Bharat Ratna.
She was born in 1910 in the pre-war era to Dranafile and Niikolie Bojaxhiu and was raised with catholic upbringing. As early as the age of 18 she joined a missionary group of nuns to help and spread the message of peace and serve the Lord. About 2 decades later on her arrival in India, she took over the task of helping the socially and physically backward and also the elderly and neglected. She was very fond of children of all ages and made numerous efforts for their education and life safety and providing them with food and shelter during times of distress. 
Mother Teresa was deeply affected by the Indian culture and she adapted the sari in her white and blue color and wore it for a significant portion of her life. She laid down the foundation of catholic belief and missionary groups in major parts of India and invited financial aid from all across the world for her cause. 
Mother Teresa was of firm belief that “not all of us can do great things but we each can do small things with great affection” and that not only helped others around her but also inspired them to take over the contagious spirit of life she reverberated of and in turn spread the message to everyone around them and make world a happy place.
mother teresa quotes on family
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