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A classroom is a place where all students come together and combine to achieve the common goal of learning a lesson and getting educated in a well set background that helps in achieving the task. My classroom is full of various resources and facilities that help us is learning and growing individually and also as a group.

There are plenty benches and desks for the students to sit and read while the teachers have their own podium and desk to work with. In the last few years, our school has provided us with facilities like smart screen for better learning and also lockers for lowering our burden to carry books every day. My classroom is well illuminated and has a lot of windows that make it naturally well lit. It is also properly ventilated as it has air vents and cooling ducts and thus we always have a controlled atmosphere.

Before leaving our classroom for the day, we students ensure that all of the electrical appliances are turned off to avoid any unnecessary consumption of power. Every morning we students use our whiteboard to write motivational quotes for the day to make an inspired atmosphere for positive development. We also have a P.A. system for announcements which is used by our principal to make us aware of his decisions and any new rules or happenings. Every student is responsible of keeping the class clean and the supervisor comes for a daily round to keep a check on the cleanliness. We treat our classroom like a temple of education and we keep it the same way.

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