my dream essay for kids | my dream essay in 200+ words

paragraph on my dream, my dream essay for kids, my dream essay

paragraph on my dream, my dream essay for kids, my dream essay
I always have a dream, an expectation of sorts where I see the world to be a place completely free of wars and hunger and I wish for this dream to come true in the near future. The world is a gift to us and we should be thankful to the almighty and mother nature for bestowing us with this gift.

When a war happens, it takes multiple lives, renders people homeless and makes kids into orphans. People lose their wealth and identity, countries lose their economy and sometimes their independence as well, just for certain selfish motives. The world can be a better place if we all decide to leave peacefully and have each other’s backs through the thick and thin of time.

Poverty and hunger makes people to beg and steal and people often forget how to live, every decent individual in this world is entitled for a respectful day’s meal and it is a dream of mine too that we all can bind together to help those who need our assistance and make sure that no life on this planet ever sleeps hungry or goes without shelter. That is what identifies us as human beings is the ability to take care of another fellow human. When these dreams do come true, our forefathers who sacrificed so much for us to live with these resources today would truly be proud that we carried forward on their path and made this world a truly happy place.

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