short essay on rabindranath tagore in english

short essay on rabindranath tagore english, about rabindranath tagore in english

short essay on rabindranath tagore english, about rabindranath tagore in english

Having a unique and illustrious achievement of writing not only one but two national anthems that were adopted by India and Bangladesh and are still proudly recited, Rabindranath Tagore was a scholar, a literary, an artist, a poet, a writer and a philanthropist way beyond his generation and time. His distinguished achievements and work pieces aided by his list of accolades led him to being awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

Born in the year of 1861 in the Calcutta presidency under the British rule, Rabindranath Tagore hailed from a literate background and started his art and poetic experience as early as the age of six. Within a few years he was composing poems and simultaneously balancing his educational life.

It was the contribution Of Rabindranath Tagore that is attributed to the up rise of the feeling of nationalism in millions of native Indian hearts that led to the demand of poornaswaraj under the leadership of his fellow men of great stature. His multiple efforts of laying down schools and scholastic foundations such as his ashram in santiniketan provided a roof to study and work under for men and women who later on went to achieve unparalleled heights. It is believed that through his lifetime, Tagore wrote well over 1000 songs and the same number of essays and literary pieces, majority of which are conserved and available in libraries for people to read and be inspired by.

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