village essay in english | my village essay in 250+ words

about my village in English, my village essay in 250+ words

about my village in English, my village essay in 250+ words
During The summer and winter breaks at school, I and my family visit our ancestral home which is located in our village in the state of M.P. It is a place with a lot of greenery and had various patches of irrigation and cultivable fields where farmers earn their livelihood by growing various kinds of crops that serve food to the entire country.
My village is also famous for the Solar energy panels which was laid down by the state government to provide electricity to our and the nearby villages without any interruption.

 We go there by our car and spend weeks and months admiring the beauty of the place. My uncle and his son are both teachers in the local school and also spend their time farming. I like to spend my time by helping the in their chores and also learning new traits and facts about cultivation. My uncle has very good knowledge of fertilizers and he keeps teaching me about them.

The village has a small ground where kids from all over gather to play outdoor sports and we race to and fro from the ground. When we get exhausted in the evening, our grandmother takes us to the nearby pond where we can refresh and feel the nature and its elements and she tells us stories of her childhood about how she spent her time growing up there. The people of my village have a lot of unity and they are always ready to help each other and take care of each other through good and bad times and they can teach everyone a lot about how the strength of society lies in its unity amongst its diversity.        

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