what does leadership mean to you essay

What does leadership mean to you essay | what makes a good leader essay | essay on leadership qualities | leadership essay

Leadership is an abstract quality that sets apart certain individuals from the rest of the lot. These individuals are highly motivated, result oriented and highly dedicated and never accept defeat in the face of adversity. A true leader is one who not only takes care of his own well being and goals but also concentrates on the issues of his team and his coworkers to create a positive and healthy work environment.

 A leader can be made by the virtue of any cause, say it be social, political, professional or factual. Leadership is not only about getting the jobs done and achieving results but also to create a safe and healthy environment with proper conduct and to lead by example in every aspect of performance.
A good leader must be capable enough to understand the hardships of his team when they are genuine but also motivated enough to push them a little more so that they can surpass their mental barriers and be the best version of themselves.

The bestowing of leaderships means that the individual can no further differentiate between people and needs to judge everyone meticulously and on similar grounds. It is often believed that leaders are not made but they are rather born because to put forward the collective goal and well being of a larger group or the society is not something which everyone can do. The strongest countries in the world are the ones who have a history of having great leaders and such men are looked upon in the times of need.

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