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A Library is a place or a building which is used to store and provide books of various purposes, subjects, topics and ages that cover unimaginable content from all the literature till date. There can be thousands of book which are segregated in various sections depending upon their utility, type, historic existence and content.

While some libraries are simply walk-in type, some require membership of either half yearly or annual status to be accessed to keep away bystanders and make it a quiet and peaceful place for the real readers and the issuers. Certain authors prefer to make their exclusive content available at public libraries for the world to read and discuss.

There are separate reading and takeaway sections that can be utilized upon the user’s convenience. While older libraries used to work on card basis, it was a cumbersome method which is now replaced mostly by online processing for the librarians to take care of and it simplifies their work to a large extent. The caretakers make sure that every book is in impeccable condition as some of these can be over 100 years old and need regular care.

Most of the younger generation appearing for competitive exams and the older generation interested in art and historical manuscripts prefer to spend a lot of time in these libraries for brainstorming. Some of the libraries have also digitized their content for the user to access it by a click of their phone which is a big step towards revolutionizing the reading experience.

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