Short Essay on pollution

Any disturbance caused to nature by the release or introduction of any toxic wastes, garbage, remains and harmful chemicals of any kind is called as pollution. Pollution can be either on land, in air, in water or various ways and places. Most of the sectors such as industrial, transport, automobile, shipping, aviation etc are major contributors of pollution.

While chemicals released from factories are often dumped into the open rivers in an illegal manner, plastic wastes from household and industrial use which takes over 1000’s of years to decay is often responsible for soil erosion and deforestation.

The release of harmful gases from automobile exhausts and industrial exhaust causes the depletion of ozone layer and also leads to air pollution. Excessive use of loudspeakers and honking can also lead to noise pollution.

Pollution is a major threat to human existence as it is slowly eating up our earth which is the only known planet for human survival. Various organizations are coming together to make people aware and limit this damage and also to rectify the wrong doing of the past. Every small action such as recycling of goods, segregation of wastes, use of renewable sources of energy and various others can lead to a cleaner atmosphere and help human beings preserve this planet for our future generations.

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