Essay on save trees

Trees are a valuable asset to the environment and provide us with various advantages that provides life to human beings. Trees are the only natural source of breathable oxygen which means that for human beings to stay alive it is extremely essential that trees exist in large numbers. Also, trees provide shade and shelter to various animals and birds throughout their life and also provide human beings and other living beings with fruits and eatables.

During summers in the city, the green patches of land covered with trees make sure that cities stay cooler and provide cover to the passerby population. Some trees which exist are more than 100 years old while some grow rapidly that they cross various meters in height within a few months.

Certain trees such as the banyan are found only in selective climatic regions while the generic trees are found in most of the places and are easy to grow. Trees provide many people with livelihood by providing with fruits and flowers that are of human use and can be sold.

Some individuals indulge in the excessive cutting down of trees for selfish motives such as exotic furniture and paper and showpieces which is an illegal act in many regions with endangered species of trees. As a society we need to safeguard the trees from such acts because of the basic reason that our survival depends on them and trees serve us selflessly without asking for anything in return.

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