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Interventions to reverse risks associated with cardiovascular disease

A treadmill test assists to reveal signs and symptoms of heart disease through exposure of the heart to exercise and stress. When one is involved in an exercise, the narrowed arteries undergo starvation and symptoms such as chest discomfort, shortness of breath are revealed through the treadmill test (, 2013). The 54-year-old who underwent an abnormal treadmill test was said to have risk factors like high fat diet and cigarette smoking, the following are the interventions that would help in reversing the risk factors.

The risk factors can be reduced through modification of life style because the risk factors are associated with lifestyle.

Rehabilitation can be introduced where the patient undergoes through a rehabilitation process to help reduce the cigarette smoking which is a risk factor (Buttar, Li, & Ravi, 2005).

Dietary intervention where   the patient is linked to a nutritionist to enable him have a healthy and balanced diet to reduce high intake of fat diet which is also a risk factor (Buttar, Li, & Ravi, 2005).

The above two interventions can be combined with medical treatments such as the cardiac bypass surgery depending on the type of cardiovascular disease to reverse the situation of the patient (Buttar, Li, & Ravi, 2005).

Physical exercise is important in reversing the risk factors; however, advice from a medical officer is important to determine the kind of exercise that the patient can engage in. The reason is that some patients suffering from heart conditions may not be able to engage in strenuous physical exercises. Exercise help to break down clots within the blood vessels (Buttar, Li, & Ravi, 2005).

Counseling sessions can be done to the patients before and after test to advise them on the measures and control of the disease. When patients get information regarding the disease, they take the right measures and control (Labarthe, 2011).


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