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 Nursing program admission essay

I am a female student pursuing nursing as a major at the Bowie State University (Maryland). This is to explain on the personal attributes that I plan to bring at the university, and those that I have already brought to the campus. The attributes are meant to promote a positive change to the school and personal growth too in terms of education and career.

So far, one of the personal attributes I have brought to the college is that I have joined the students’ association leadership program that guides the students towards the right direction. Being a student leader has really been of help for my personal growth and career wise. More so, it has helped to inspire others positively. The passion of being helpful to other people is what led me into the students’ leadership program. However, there are other things that I would want to bring to the campus.

Firstly as a nursing student, I am planning to come up with a non curriculum organization that will go by the name ‘Nursing Students of Association’ (NSA). The organization will operate just like other clubs around the school. The major activities that will ensue in the NSA include meeting at least once a week to share experiences gotten during the course of learning, especially the practical bit. More so there will be trips organized by the NSA at least once a month to visit other nursing students in other universities in order to gain a broad range of experience and ideas from a larger perspective.

On the other hand, I will ensure that there is a positive attitude towards learning among all students especially those that view education as being a tough encounter. This will be done through seminars in conjunction with the school administration at least once a semester to encourage a positive attitude towards learning in the university.


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Why I Want to Attend College?

Many young people after completing high school think about going or attending college. Young people attend college for several different reasons. For instance, some young people attend college in search of intellectual challenges, for social and personal benefits, and for career development purposes. Generally, the reason I want to join college is a mixture of these four aspects – career preparation, personal growth, intellectual growth, and social growth (Peterson's, 2008).

Attending college is the initial step of paving one’s career. In any professional career, some minimum college education is required. The requisite for this minimum college education in any professional field of study or career is to ensure that the candidate possess some intellectual competences in line with that profession. As such, one of the major reasons I want to attend college is to gain intellectual knowledge in nursing in preparation for a nursing career. Nursing has been my dream career ever since I was a young child. Attending college to study and gain nursing concept is the initial step that will pave the path to my career development as a nurse (Peterson's, 2008).

Equally, I want to attend college and study nursing for personal and social growth. Apart from intellectual growth, attending college provides the bases for personal growth. Personal and social growth is important in one’s life, and especially when one is young to ensure a complete or a wholesome future adult. Personal and social growth competencies one can acquire by attending college include competencies of dealing with oneself, competences that aid wise decision making, and competencies of dealing with others in any given situation. I believe that attending college to pursue my dream course – nursing, will offer an opportunity for personal and social growth (Peterson's, 2008).




Peterson's (2008). Teens' guide to college & career planning: Your high school roadmap for          college & career success. Lawrenceville, N.J: Peterson's.