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Monday, 27 December 2021 03:38

Why You Need To Enjoy Fast Essay Writing Service

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Meeting deadlines is one of the biggest requirements towards success in learning. This entails among other things writing academic papers and submitting them within the set times by examiners. However other engagement and lack of the resources in most instances bring along a challenge to the students in need of better grades at the end of the learning process. To overcome the challenge in this respect then comes with the quest to use urgent essay writing service. This is a process that entails an opportunity to have the assignment handled by a dedicated professional who makes timely delivery with quality results.

Time remains one of the biggest hurdles that the learners must overcome. This owes to the fact that the students have among other things attended classes, handle assignment and at the same time attend classes. This not only has capacity to cause strains but a big risk towards low performance and presentation of poor quality work. With fast essay writing service, time is never a case of major concern to the student. The writing service covers all the aspects and procedures to ensure  absolute completion of the paper in time. The move helps generate extra time for other responsibilities with the students.

Learning continues to grow. Content and resources increase by each day. Learning institutions however lack capacity to source for all these resources that cater for the student needs. This leaves the student at the mercy of engaging financial resources to acquire or access the resources. With the fast essay writing service, this is no challenge to the learner, the service provider undertakes the responsibility of sourcing for content to be used for the paper. This comes alongside ensuring that only credible sources are put into use in its development. The student in this regard find an opportunity to save on finances and in such way cater for other needs respectfully.

Examiners expect nothing less of quality papers from the students. This entails having the right content, using the right formats and further presenting a paper that is free of any errors. Ned for editing services then arise to cater for any challenge of poor quality. Urgent essay writing service package however incorporates the editing services for the paper developed. This comes with having a team or professional editors as well as the necessary tools to have the job done comprehensively.

Urgent essay writing service is not just a form of assistance to students. It provides with a complete solution to the prevalent needs and further ensure there is room created for better performance. By using the platform, then comes the opportunity to enjoy these services. Upon accessing this platform, it then follows that the student only needs to follow a fast and easy to use interactive process to find the solution. Clear and concise communication channels also ensure there is an opportunity for keeping in touch constantly. It with such an approach that the student is able to get the desired content with capacity to generate desired outcomes. It gives real value for money.

Monday, 27 December 2021 03:35

Enjoying The Services Of Free Essay Writers

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Free essay writers are forming an important segment in academic learning. This is a team of professionals who volunteer to provide assistance to learners in development of academic papers for the purpose of assignments. The professionals in this respect undertake the responsibility to handle different processes that entail the writing of the paper. With the rising popularity of the writing services, of importance is to ensure the services sought do not come with hidden charges that might affect the quality or the expected outcomes upon completion of the assignment.

Free essay writers do not offer the service at all times. Being dedicated writers they provide this as a package to assist the needy students with incapacity to cater for the high cost of available services. Package that contain the free writing services then comes as a promotional offer offered at different times of the academic term. The offers are published at the service providers website stipulating the extent of coverage and therefore create capacity for those in need to enjoy when in need. To gain further information regarding the available packages then requires the student to access The platform also provides with guidance and requirements for the clients seeking to enjoy the package.

In order to enjoy the free essay writers package, the students must provide with among other things the instructions from the examiner. These are made available through an order form available on the service provider’s website. These are the instructions that the writers use to generate the paper as required. Working as a team, the writers research, write and edit the paper in accordance to these instructions. This is followed by a timely delivery to enhance timely submission of the paper as the examiners stipulate. Qualified clients then only need to use a simple approach and enjoy.

Free essay writers seek to enjoy the student gains extensively in use of the service. Alongside saving on cists for the paper they also work to ensure that the paper comes in the right quality. It is for this reason that the writers work as a team comprising of researchers, writers and editors.  The team undertakes intensive training alongside academic qualifications to make this possible. As such the quality of the paper is not compromised by the fact that the paper is free. Further, the student gets an opportunity to gain the experience and expertise that is required to generate and develop the required assignments through the learning process.

It is not given that one has to encounter a cost in order to gain the benefits that come with writing services. Services offered by free essay writers is a good indicator towards this. This opportunity provides a chance for students whose resources might be limited to generate the papers required.  Of importance is to keep constant check on the service provider’s platform to enjoy the service.  Registering on the platform even becomes better as one gets notification when such offers are in place. It is a great opportunity that no student needs to miss or be left behind.


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Monday, 27 December 2021 03:32

A Simple Guide to Write Non- Plagiarized Essays

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Writing non-plagiarized essays remains a big challenge among students.  This owes to the fact that most of the content used in development of the essay is sourced from published sources. It however remains one of the biggest vices in the writing industry as well as when considering writing academic assignments. Non-plagiarized essays basically refers to the essays that contain original contain written in words of the author and with no resemblance to any content published. However using a simple approach it is possible and convenient to develop and write non-plagiarized essays that meet the expectations of the examiners and readers as well.

The first step in writing non-plagiarized essays entails an intensive research process. The research in this regard takes the form of identification of the sources that contain content recommended for academic purposes. Further the content must be understood and  assimilated to the mind of the researcher. The process further entails collection of the important facts to guide through the research process.  Taking notes when reading is an important step to ensure there is no any form of plagiarism on the paper. It allows for the writer to use own mind and ideas to express the facts collected through the research.

Writing is the most important part when seeking to develop non-plagiarized essays. The content presented from research must be put down in own words. The process means that the writer should not incorporate any content that has resemblance to what has been read or published. It is a step that calls for creativity for the writer to gain capacity to express ideas in own words.  Of importance through the process is to ensure there is correct use of grammar and language to develop content that is legible and makes senses when presented for reading or examination.

Writing content read from other chances increase the risk of copying or generating an essay  that has resemblance to published content. This is however not easy  to detect once the writing is in process or through reading of the content. It then becomes a matter of importance to use proofreading tools that help detect any form of plagiarism. These are online tools that check the content alongside others that has already been published. Whether writing as an individual or seeking for help, access to these tools then remain a matter of importance. Detected content need to be rephrased to ensure it carry the same meaning but different wordings.

With the challenges that come with writing of non-plagiarized content, seeking for assistance becomes the main gateway to follow. This comes from professional writers whose main dedication is to provide with original content. The companies offering such assistance also provide with a platform to get the levels of plagiarism available on any written content. To access such advantage, the writer then needs to use This is a platform developed to ease the challenges students face when creating academic papers  for examination purposes. It also serves  to ensure that the content mains its originality at the time of presentation.


Monday, 27 December 2021 03:30

Can Students Get Free Essays?

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“Nothing comes for free” is a common saying since the ancient times. It denotes that to get anything in the universe one has to pay a price. However this is not the case when it comes to provision of writing assistance to the students. There comes a range of service packages that seek to ensure that students enjoy the benefit of free essays to help through the learning process. This might be in different forms that entail the entire process of handling the academic papers.  Some of the common features of the services in writing of the free essays include the following.

Research is a core part of the academic essay writing practice. In research, the process seeks to establish relevant materials and collection of information that match to the instructions and questions addressed by the paper. It is a move that seeks to save the student in different ways that include reduce the financial burden of seeking for the materials to use in the process.  In this process, the students also gains an opportunity to save on time and energy required to undertake the research. In such way, the student gets assistance in having the materials sought by the service provider leaving them adequate time for other responsibilities. Done by professional researcher, the content provided through this approach is intensively sought and this provides the student with more materials to use for the process.

When writing academic essays, it is a basic requirement to follow certain set guidelines. These include the formats and the styles as designated for the individual paper. However it is common for such skills to lack in the expertise that serves this need.  It is for this reason that free essays package also provides the writing services.  Service providers offering the free package engage a team of professional to handle the assignment in this regard. The professional writers with due expertise in the field and expertise of writing academic content always ensure they produce quality content to serve the purpose. By doing this, it means the package prides a guide for the student to use in writing of other assignment in the future. The students then gain an opportunity to learn and gain more skills for use in the process.

The package to write free essay is not a continuous offer to the students. It is given to certain address of students at different times of the academic calendar. This means the students need to make an effort in order to enjoy the package when it is one offer. This is however made easy with modern technology as students only need to check on the website to learn when the offers are on. Further, the student may register on the website to get notifications on any new of offers and products that the company offers. It is only through such way that the student can easily and conveniently enjoy the free essays writing offers when available. By keeping in touch with the platform, it means there is an assured opportunity to save ion possible costs.

Monday, 27 December 2021 03:23

How to Choose an Essay Topic

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Readers will always seek for engaging content to read. In the academic circles, the examiners will give a higher preference to content that is of similar nature. This happens with among other things understanding how to choose the topic of an essay. Content of the essay must then follow addressing the content and having the right quality in terms of language and formatting.  For this reason, needs arises to seek for resources that guide through the process.  The select choice in this regard needs to have these among other features.

Most of the essays produced use the international languages. These are languages used in academic institutions across the globe. The content writer then needs to have an understanding o the language in order to choose a topic that is easy to understand for the target reader. This entails use of the right language as well as formatting in use in the region of the target readers.  This aspect not only makes it attractive but also eases the process of selecting the right content for the reader. It also translates to an increase in ranking of the content on the search engines. When used for academic purposes, it means it comes with capacity to garner higher scores.

Understanding and use of language vary between persons. While this might come as a challenge, the learning institutions expect the learners to have an in-depth understanding and capacity to use the language in the right manner. In the process to choose a topic, the writer must then be keen on language usage and understanding. While this might be a challenge, the students then needs to source for assistance from professional writers for the task.  The writers operate under an umbrella and as a team that comprise of natives from different regions that use the international languages.

Majority of the teams that provide with writing assistance operate from the online platform. This means that the students seeking for assistance can access services from any point on the globe. This also comes as a challenge for the prospective client to ascertain the capacity of the writers to engage with no physical contact. However, at, this does not pose any challenge. The students seeking for services have the opportunity to peruse through the profile of the writers working for the company. It then means that there is an opportunity to make selection of the candidate with capacity to choose the right topic and generate the content required.

Qualifications at the end of the learning process are one of the important aspects in learning. However, there is need as well to gather as much expertise as possible through the process to fit into the job market. By seeking for services from this platform, there comes an assurance of attainment to this quest.  This also provides with a resource for guidance for students seeking to acquire the skills to choose an essay topic as well as generate the content as stipulated by through the instruction. This makes it an ideal choice for the students seeking to rise above the others.



Monday, 27 December 2021 03:09

The Best Resource for Essay Writing Services

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Learning is part of the human development process. According to human rights organizations, it is also part of the basic requirements for humans to lead a better life. Through the learning process however, learners continually seek for different resources that helps equip them with knowledge. Essay writing services are part of the resources that play a crucial role in the process.  The services provide assistance to the learners in form of writing academic assignments as required at different levels and stages in learning. It however becomes a matter of importance for the learner to select a service package with capacity to provide with satisfactory solutions.

Research is one of the important compositions of the essay writing process. It is a process that entails sourcing for materials to compose the essay as required.  The process therefore entails reading through informative books and journals that address the subject area of study. Select package in this regard must have capacity to provide with intensive research solutions towards this quest. As such access to the materials and having the right human force to undertake the process then becomes a matter of importance.

While essay writing remains part of the learning activities, experience and expertise remains crucial. The process needs capacity to follow the stipulated formats and creation of content that is clear and easy to read for the learner and examiners.  The essay writing process then needs to have access to reliable and experience d writers to handle the task. Writers to engage in this respect must have professional expertise in the area of study. This comes alongside having knowledge and practices to follow in the process of essay writing. Writers engaged for the task the needs regular training to ensure they remain equipped with knowledge and expertise to handle the assignments to satisfaction.

One of the key qualifications to garner high scores in academic is to present error free academic assignment. It is a factor that helps give the paper the required quality for submission as part of the academic assignments.  To achieve this, the essay writing service needs to have the editing option. Editing in this respect takes the paper through an intensive check to determine if there is prevalence of any errors.  Use of editing tools through this process also comes in handy to generate the best quality of the essay.  Once this is done, it means the essay is fit for submission as per instructions given by examiners.

These among other features form part of the essentials that help generate quality content.  The key concern however remains as the resource with capacity to offers with all these services. On the platform, there is an assurance of these and more solutions for students to enjoy in the process of generating academic assignments.  Through an easy to use platform available on the website, it means the student is able to place for an order and keep track of its progress to successful completion. Concerns and problems that might be prevalent with the student also get instant solutions through use of the communication options on this platform.


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Wednesday, 22 December 2021 07:00

Operating system security

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 Operating system security





Within every organization where a communication system is installed, there must be an operating system that is used to run the whole outfit.  The operating system is always prone to attacks that may lead to destruction of data or instances of private data falling into the wrong hands. This access is from unauthorized access by individuals as well as other programs including malware, viruses and other destructive programs.

In this regard, there is need for the management of the organization to ensure that measures are put in place to enhance security of information contained within the system. This can be done through installation of protective programs such as antivirus software. Unauthorized access by individuals can be reduced by ensuring that access protocols are enhanced and maintained as private.

Magnitude of the threat of security to operating systems

With each day, more organizations join the internet community. This is in seeking for better business operations alongside the need for better communication. In so doing, personal and organization information continues to be uploaded to the internet and hence access from different sources. This includes banking information as well as customer databases for the organization.

In a report by an American organization, the available and mostly used operating systems that includes Microsoft windows and Linux, the level of security among them is considerably low and was classified as level C2.  At this level, the user of the operating system remains entirely responsible for individual security of their individual systems and the information contained therein.  This means that the operating systems do not contain any inbuilt mechanisms that enforce security policies. Thos is despite the fact that developers of the operating systems continue to make promises of a more better and achievable security application. Through the use of kernel-enforced controls, a higher and better level of security access can be achieved at a B Class level.

Common threats and attacks on an operating system

Within an organization, employees, management and other involved parties share a lot within the same system. These include the hardware, software, information, disk drives and other storage media among others. However, in some areas the level of access to all these resources is limited to the duties and responsibilities in the hands of an individual user. With this access there are common attacks and violations that are bound to occur either as a result of an attack by a malware or an individual person acting as a hacker. These attacks may either be internal or external with intent of stealing some important information or alternatively to destroy information contained within the system.

Common attacks can be categorized in the following groups:

  • There are violations that basically refer to access of information by unauthorized individual and this in effect leads to breach of confidentiality. This occurs in instances such as where personal and confidential information is retrieved from the system. This may include secret formulas used in production processes, personal information of employees and customers that include bank details, contact information and financial information of an individual. Another violation is breach of integrity. This refers to a situation where an individual with unauthorized access to an operating system makes modifications to the access structure of a system. Using such access, the hacker makes modification to the system resources and thereby gains a chance to share untrustworthy information to other users of the system. Thirdly, there is breach of availability where after an attack; some users are blocked from accessing some of the resource within the system. This may include among other factors blocking certain users by making changes to the security and access codes used with the operating system. This may also be referred to as denial of service as it denies certain users from having a legitimate use of the resources available. Finally, the last violation is theft of service. This occurs in circumstances where the hacker either through the use of malware and such like applications manages to gain access to communication systems and in such way giving chance and ability to listen or gain access to any confidential communication happening within the system. This includes among others tapping of conversation through the phone or chat lines.
  • Another common attack that may occur is masquerading. In this kind of attack, the hacker manages to get a link between two individuals and can communicate to either of them pretending to be the one on the other side of a communication. In this way, the attacker is able to gain access to confidential information that is shared by the parties in question.
  • The final and common type of attack that may occur is the reply attack. This involves among other factors changing the reply line in a system. This in return generates reply messages to mail content that may be malicious or with false information to the sender.

Areas of consideration in security systems

The operating system is entirely responsible for all the operations of the communication system within the organization. In this regard, it means it is required to provide adequate access to all the resources within the entire communication system. It is for this reason that security for the same requires to be enhanced within all levels of the system this means therefore that there are four levels within which the security of the system must be enhanced to achieve a meaningful security apparatus.

Physical protection is the basic protection that maybe accorded to any system. It is apparent that any individual with access to the system whether authorized or not can have access to some of the basic components of the system. These include backup storage devices and other removable media. Through such access, the individual can easily have access to information stores within the system that he or she might to wage an attack on the entire system or other users within the system. In this regard, access to various terminal within the system should be adequately protected through various protection models such as ensuring that access to secondary storage and removable and usage within the system is restricted to authorized users only.

Those operating within the system are perceived to be trustworthy and responsible for any information that maybe contained within the system. While this may sound adequate top provide enough security for the system, there are instances where a few individuals may leak confidential information either willingly or through coercion. Coercion in this regard may occur in a number of ways that include phishing which basically means sending the user an innocent looking email or spam that request for certain information to be forwarded. This may purport to be from banking institutions, PayPal or other such like body. The other method commonly use is dumpster diving where the hacker gains access to trash or any other location where access information may have been recorded. Finally, password cracking is the most commonly used method. Smart hackers are able to crack the users password as t is being typed or using the known information about the user and makes guesses on the possible password that might be used.

The operating system has the overall charge of  running the communication system. However, despite the fact that it is in some instances created to protect itself from common attacks, it is also prone to malware and other program attacks. To protect the operating system from such attacks use of antivirus software and activation of security devices within the system such as firewall is important. Such programs always protect the operating system from being accessed by any unrecognized application and if has to gain access, the user must give consent.

In most organizations, communications is normally enhanced through a networked system. With the growing trends and technological advances, use of wireless devices is becoming more prevalent and as such raising the risk of attacks from different quarters. Enhancing protection of a network in a great way improves the overall security of the system.

Creating a security model

An effective security system for the operating system requires to offer adequate protection for the entire system at all times and against all kinds of attacks. This can be done effectively through denial of access by untrustworthy programs as well as unauthorized individuals. As such, measures are required to ensure that this is achieved adequately. To achieve this, it is required that authentication procedures be put in place that will enhance identification of the user by the operating system to give access to the resources provided within the system. Of importance to note is the fact that most operating systems lack adequate measures on restricting access though a discretionary access control is available. This means that the owner or the administrator of the operating system has authority to limit access by individuals and content controlled by the operating system.

However, the discretionary controls in the modern age have little or no impact on the full protection of the system. This is for the reason that it mainly focuses on the initial access to the system. With the growth internet accessibility and the heavy entrepreneurship, that has been gaining roots on the internet. A secure operating system requires to have some of this basic requirement.

  • Mandatory security that refers to the ability of the operating system to allow users to implement that available security tools to the advantage of individual security requirements. This allows for authentication of the user as well as controlling the paths by ascertaining the sources and targets of any object that gains access to the system.
  • A trusted path mechanism that allows the user to rely on the trustworthiness of a particular application. In this way, the user gets the chance to allow a certain program to run within the system where modalities are required to curb impersonation. In such a way, the user gets a chance to input upgrades on the system while they are required and available.
  • It should be one that supports diverse security policies. In this regard, it requires not to be too restricted. This will allow for users and applications to surpass and modify the security requirements to allow for any installation of changes to the system while at the same time maintaining the same high security measures.
  • It should have a process of assurance to the user. This means therefore that the set security measures should provide a verification mechanism to ensure that there is compatibility of any new installation or access process when changes are made or implemented.


Rapid growth of the internet industry and the changing trends in communication designs put companies and individual information at risk. Every aspect of the security model requires to address emerging trends in the industry to ensure there is adequate security for the information. As such user and program authentication by the operating systems of the applications operating within the system and the users as well.

Among the common models that are put in place for user authentication includes the use of passwords. With the increases usage of the passwords, hacking of the same has been on the increase. As such, creation of a password requires that that cannot be easily guessed. This includes among others use of numbers and symbols alongside letters in creation of passwords. One time passwords usage may also be necessary to ensure that security is enhanced. Other identification measures such as fingerprint and facial identification are also important to enhance the security of a system. This requires installation of special programs and other accompanying hardware to enhance the security process. Relevant applications to guard against malware and virus infections.






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Wednesday, 22 December 2021 06:59

Environmental and societal factors

Written by

Environmental and societal factors are some of the major factors that hugely affect the behaviors of today’s children. The major societal factor that determines the behaviors of today’s children is peer influence. Interaction is a major aspect of society living for children. Children interact with their peers while in school and as well as at home. Exposures to peer influence on a daily bases while at school and while at home impact the behavior of a child due to the influence of others. The desire to win acceptance within a group make children to behave in certain manners in order to conform to their peers. Within a peer group, dominance children tend to use physical actions and words to intimidate other children to behave in certain manners. As such, peer influence is a major societal factor that explains the behaviors of today’s children (Carey, 2009). 

A major environmental factor that may explain the behaviors of today’s children is the home environment. The home environment may have a positive or a negative impact on children’s behaviors. For instance, a home setting environment where there is frequent domestic violence makes children to change their behaviors because of insecurity reasons. Equally, an unsafe school setting environment makes children to depict unacceptable behaviors. Arguably, bullying and other teasing behaviors are more common in children from insecure home setting environments (Carey, 2009). 

Schools have a role to play to impact to the lives of children’s positively. This is basing from the assumption that the teacher should be a role model to the students. Additionally, schools are learning centers where proper behaviors are taught and learned. As such, apart from imparting knowledge to children, the curriculum design of the schooling system should be such that proper behaviors are taught to develop a wholesome future adult.



Carey, W. B. (2009). Developmental-behavioral pediatrics. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders/Elsevier.

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 06:58

Divorce causes and consequences:

Written by

Divorce causes and consequences:




Table of Contents

Abstract: 2

Introduction: 3

Statistics: 4

Risk factors: 5

Factors that cause divorces: 6

Consequences of divorce: 7

Why individuals prosper or struggle after a divorce; 8

Solution: 8

Conclusion: 9

References: 10









Divorce rate has over the years been on the increase across the world, the increase in divorce rates is related to various risk factors and causes, risk factors include young individuals’ marriages, income, education, religious affiliation and personality factors. Causes of divorce include physical abuse, emotional abuse and infidelity. Consequences of divorce include depression, happiness, and alcohol and drug abuse among other consequences. When individuals divorce, they are likely to experience change, they may either prosper or face problems and this will depend on the nature of the divorce they face, individuals will prosper if they break from an abusive marriage, they will also prosper if they embrace change and accept the situation. Individuals will not prosper if they do not embrace change and if they remain attached to their ex partners. This paper focuses on this issues and analysis these issues to bring about a greater understanding into divorce all over the world.









Divorce rates have increased at an alarming rate in the world, an example is the divorce rate in the United Arab Emirates, the national bureau of statistics indicates that number of divorce registered were 3,901 in 2012 and this increased to 4,233 in 2013. (UAE Bureau of statistics 2014). This trend is expected to increase over the years. This paper focuses on the causes and consequences of divorce all over the world. The paper also discusses the high risk factors and how they affect divorce rates. Using statistics and previous study on divorce, this paper brings a greater understanding into the issue of divorce and shows how divorce rates can be minimized, it also provides information on how individuals can cope with divorce in order to prosper, it recommends that individuals trapped in abusive marriages should get divorced in order to live happier and satisfactorily.  It is recommended that individuals should engage in marriage at an appropriate age given that when younger people marry, they are more likely to get divorced given that they are less likely to make appropriate decision regarding their marriage partner. Living with partners before marriage also brings about a greater understanding of their partners reducing divorce rates. Finally, it is important that partners should be religious given that evidence shows that individuals with religious affiliation are less likely to get divorced given that they get counseling and religious teachings that help them cope with problems appropriately. The following is a discussion of the statistics, risk factors, and the causes of divorce. The paper also focuses on the consequences and why individuals prosper or face problems after a divorce.




In the United States, first marriage divorce rate is at 50 %, there are those individuals who divorce and remarry and this is termed at second marriages, the second marriage divorce rate is usually higher at 60%. The following is a discussion of these risk factors that lead to higher divorce rates.

Risk factors:

Risk factors are the factors that influence divorce rates, these are factors that when present, divorce rates are expected to be higher. The following is a discussion of these risk factors, which include young couples, education, and income, pregnancies before marriage, parent divorce, and religious affiliation and personality factors. Younger couples are a risk factor, when individuals marry at a younger age, this increases the rate of divorce in their marriages; and this is because at this age they are not able to make wise decision regarding marriage. However when individuals marry at an older age, they are likely to be more mature and able to make better decision regarding their marriage and able to handle challenges that face their marriages.  Education is also a factor that determines the divorce rate, individuals with higher education are more likely to maintain their marriages better and therefore reduce divorce rates, therefore lower education levels are likely to increase divorce rates. Income is another factor, the income level will also be a factor that determines divorce rates, individuals with lower income are likely to experience higher divorce rates compared to higher income earners, this is because financial stress is likely to break marriages.  Pregnancies before marriage is also another factor,  Individuals who have children before marriage at an early stage are likely to have higher divorce rates, this is connected to the fact that these individuals are likely to have more than one partner and may still be connected to the father of their children especially when marriage is with a different partner. Parent divorce of a partner is also another risk factor, Individuals that experienced their parents’ divorce are more likely to have lower divorce rates, and this is because these individuals work hard to make sure that their own marriages work given that they have experienced the painful consequences experienced when their parents divorced. Religious affiliation is also a contributing factor; Individuals with some religious affiliation are more likely to have lower divorce rates compared to individuals with no religious affiliation. This means that religion plays an important role in molding behavior and counseling reducing divorce rates. Personality factors are the other risk factors. Some personality factors may also contribute to higher divorce rates, one of these factors is insecurity. When individuals feel insecure, they are more likely to break their marriages leading to increased divorce rates.

Factors that cause divorces:

There are various factors that lead to divorce; these factors include physical abuse, emotional abuse and infidelity. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce, unfaithfulness is considered to be one of the factors considered by religious and authorities to be an occurrence that confirms the need for divorce, and this means that unfaithful partners increase the rate of divorce. Physical abuse refers to situations where an individual damages property when angry, kicking, pushing and slapping, threatens using a weapon and hurts children. Physical abuse can be y the wife or husband and this shows these are factors that individuals in marriages should avoid in order to avoid divorce. Emotional abuse refers to a situation where a marriage partner calls the other names, threatens to hurt, isolates and sometimes humiliates partners and sometimes ignores the feelings of a partner. All these forms of abuse lead to the increased rate of divorce Addiction is another factor that causes divorce, many marriages have ended when individuals get addicted to drugs and alcohol.  This is a leading cause of divorce that has led to separation in families. (Stewart and Brentano, 2007).

Consequences of divorce:

Divorce has various consequences, some are positive whereas others are negative depending on the reason why a couple divorce, the impact is also different when it comes to who is divorced or contributed to the divorce or the number of children and the nature of the divorce. These consequences include happiness, depression and alcohol and drug abuse. Happiness is one of the consequences of divorce, Divorce in some way can cause happiness; individuals divorced from an abusive marriage will experience increased happiness because of reduced stress. This is one of the reasons why individuals divorce, which is to have a happier life free of stress resulting from abusive partners. Depression is the other consequences of divorce and is negative consequence, when divorce occurs, partners may face emotional stress and in some cases financial strain, which will lead to depression, which endangers the health of the individual experiencing the depression. (George Fink, 2010). Alcohol and drug abuse is the other common consequence, Individuals that experience divorce are likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and they start using drugs as a way to escape from reality due to the stress they may be facing. This consequences results into even other major problems such as addiction and financial strain due to increased spending on alcohol and drugs. The increase in single parent families is the other consequence of divorce, as earlier discussed, there is a higher chance of a divorce in second marriage divorce and therefore divorce results into increased number of single parent families given that even after they remarry, the possibility of a divorce is high. (Craig Everett, 2011).


Why individuals prosper or struggle after a divorce;

In some cases, some individuals will thrive after a divorce whereas others will start to struggle after marriage breakage. There are various reasons why this occurs; individuals who break away from abusive marriages are more likely to thrive after a divorce. Another case where individuals thrive is the case where an individual embraces changes y taking into consideration that things have changed and the individuals who accept change are likely to prosper after a divorce. The attitude toward the divorce will also determine whether the individual prospers or struggles, individuals who do not want the divorce are likely to e negatively affected by the divorce, some individuals will view the divorce as a tragedy and therefore may face various consequences including stress and divorce. The level of Attachment to the ex-husband or wife will also determine whether individuals prosper, the level of attachment and the feeling of insecurity among partners will also determine whether the individuals prospers, those who are left attached to the ex partner are likely to experience problems in cases where their ex partner is unwilling to remain attached.


Solutions toward reducing divorce rates include proper education and counseling among young adults, guardians and parents should pass on important information regarding marriage to their children in order to ensure that young adults are well equipped to cope with marriage life. Young couples should seek professional help when they are faced with problems in order to avoid the unnecessary conflicts that lead to divorce. Another solution would e to ensure that marriages are performed at the appropriate age, as discussed above; one risk factor is marriages that occur when individuals are still young, therefore by ensuring that individuals are mature enough when entering into marriage would greatly reduce divorce rates. Religion also seems to reduce the divorce rate; therefore, couples should be encouraged to be affiliated with religion in order to receive the necessary education and knowledge regarding marriage. It is also important that disputes in marriage are settled out of court, when couples attempt to solve their problems in court, it is more likely that the marriage will end up in divorce, therefore it is important that the couples settle their disputes by themselves. Another solution is to ensure that decision in marriages are not made out of emotions, couples should learn to make optimal decisions that are not influenced by emotions. Another solution to reducing divorce rate is proper management of finances in the marriage, divorce is influenced by mismanagement of finances y a partner and therefore managing finances better will help save marriages.


From the above discussion, it is evident that Divorce rate has increased  in the United Arab Emirates over the years, the reasons to this increase is explained by the causes and risk factors discussed above. The reason for this increased divorce rate include the increased number of young individuals marriages, lower income, lower education achievement, less religious affiliation by married couples and personality factors. The increase in divorce may also have been caused an increase in physical abuse, increase in emotional abuse and the increased infidelity rates. Because of these causes, they have led to increased incidences of depression among divorced couples; increased happiness when couple is divorce from abusive marriages and increased drug abuse.





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This is a secondary online source which provides divorce statistics indicating the trend in divorce rate UAE, it provides information that help determine whether divorce rate is on the rise or declining. This is the official government statistics website that provides information regarding the population based on census done and data collected from government agencies.





Explanatory Synthesis Essay:


Divorce is a phenomenon that has been present for a long time, however due to social and economic changes, the divorce rate has increased and this has resulted into increased divorce rate. There are various factors that have resulted into an increase in this divorce rate; there are also factors that increase the risk of a family breaking up leading to a divorce. This paper shows the consequences of divorce where some are negative whereas others are negative. This paper also provides information on possible solutions that can be used in order to reduce divorce rate.




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Reasons why stock market may decline

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Reasons why stock market may decline



For every company to survive in the market, it must have modalities to ensure its stocks remain competitive. However, this is one of the most unpredictable markets. This owes to a variety of factors as indicated by Glenn Curtis in his article Top 5 reasons for a stock slide. In this article, Glenn asserts there are various factors that contribute to changes in stock market most of which cannot be predetermined. Slav Fedorov in the reasons for stock market decline asserts the causes moves in trends that are major, intermediate or short term. In regard to the two articles, the trends in the market share are determined by competition, investors offloading their shares and poor financial performance among other factors.

Changing trends in the market indicate that prices in stock market change considerably. This owes to varying factor through which the business is operating. It includes among others factors of competition, customer services, pricing and quality of the products on offer.

In the findings of Eadie and Alison (1986), the bigger the market share of a company the more likely it is for the share price of the company to appreciate. This is brought around by the fact that growth in customer base increases the revenues of a company that in effect translates to overall growth of the company. Of importance however, is to note that in order to achieve a niche in the market, there requires massive investment and marketing procedures that will ensure the target group is reached adequately as well as efficient provision of the products of the company.

How competition affects the share price

Farris, Paul W.; Neil T. Bendle; Phillip E. Pfeifer; David J. Reibstein (2010) on marketing metric states there are various ways through which measures to get the performance of  a particular company can be measured. In what is considered as the common language in business all these measures used by the marketing accountability standards board. It is in the same perspective that J. Scott Armstrong and Kesten C. Greene (2007) in his journal article "Competitor-oriented Objectives: The Myth of Market Share"  he outlines the various strategies that a company management requires to put in place to ensure they are able to gain competitively in the share market. This is further asserted by another journal of marketing research as provided by J. Scott Armstrong and Fred Collopy (1996). The article titled "Competitor Orientation: Effects of Objectives and Information on Managerial Decisions and Profitability" various steps that may be undertaken to improve on the performance of the company and other strategies that may be put in place are scrutinized. This is done in respect to ensure that each and every of the policies put in place will come with positive and negative effects and in such a way gain an insight on what is best for the company in question and the possible repercussions.  Where the company fails to take the competitive advantage in its products, it means the competitors will have a higher advantage in the market and thereby resulting in low revenues. This in effect discourages investors resulting to massive disposal of shares held by investors and as well attracting fewer investors. In such way, the prices of shares tend to fall.

Effect of pricing on shares

Research finding also leads to a great effect on the market shares. This is more likely if the results are released on a negative tone after the company releases its financial reports. In the journal article, “what is the impact of research on stock prices” this often affects the mode of thinking mostly on short term investors who are in the stock market to make quick profits. While this information may not easily available to the investors, the press and the research firm more often releases part or whole of the information to the general public more so if the company in question is a large public company. With growing customer base, the prices of shares tend to grow upwards. This owes to the fact that potential investor read signs of future profitability in the amounts of shares invested. While market forces dictate the price of the shares in the market. The management remains under responsibility to set the precedent on the best price of the company shares. This should be done after an extensive and articulate research has been undertaken to ascertain the performance and possible reception by potential investors

Customer service effect

The customer is one of the most valuable assets in a business organization. Adequate customer satisfaction enhances the growth of the business and as well ensure there is strategic development pattern. In a company, there are varying categories of customers who include the consumers of the company products and the prospective investors. All these customers require to be served adequately to enhance growth of the company. This includes among other factors ensuring they are provided with appropriate information regarding the growth and performance of the company and its products in the market. This is clearly indicated by Hultens, Staffan and Molleryd, Bengt (28 June 2000), in the "Entrepreneurs, Innovations and Market Processes in the Evolution of the Swedish Mobile Telecommunications Industry". Where they assert that in the industry it depends on customers to have the company grow. In such respect failure to satisfy the customers may either lead to decline in overall growth of the company from lack of sales to offsetting of shares by the existing shareholders.

Effects of quality in share pricing

The share portfolio in a company determines its strength or weakness. This is further enabled by the aspect where the company us able to produce high quality products and in such create its niche in the market (H.A. Simonand C.P. Bonini, 1958). This not only make the company strong but also enhances the price the viability of attracting new and existing investors an in such way improve the performance of a given company in the market. As such, the quality of products or services offered by the company give a clear indication on the much strength the company has to sustain itself in the prevailing market and in such way capability to attract investor in form of shareholders  (Givon, M. Mahajan, V. and Muller, E. 1997).


Further growth in the mobile industry, is still projected to remain on the upward trend in the coming years. However, current technological advances dictate that the company reinvests heavily to ensure they are able to keep up with the changing technological trends. This is further enhanced by ensuring an effective customer service team that will be in a position to interact fully with the clients and as in such a way able to ascertain the need s of the client and use it as a platform for more creative products.









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