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Lesson Plans with 6-E Learning Cycle





Topic: What is biological diversity?

Grade: 4-6

Duration: 45 minutes

Purpose: different food species from the food web are presented in drawings on the table. Taking any of the pictures from the table shows that the specific food species drawn on it has been extinct. This is to help learn hos extinction of a specific species would impact others on the food web.

Learning Objectives: at the end of the practical lesson, students will be in a position to:

Skills: skills will be developed in organizing the food web charts

Materials: pictures of food species, blackboard, drawing tools, chalk, paper, and music

Used vocabulary: carnivore, species, biodiversity, omnivore, decomposer, microorganism, ecosytem, food web, and food chain


1st Part: this will involve understanding food webs and would take 25 minutes





Elaboration or Extension

2nd Part: Playing a Game to Understand Loss of Biodiversity (20 minutes)


The students would be assessed on how active they are in the game and discussion

Students would also be assessed on how swift they are in brainstorming ways of eliminating or reducing biodiversity loss




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